Cop Rose X5P Robot Window Cleaner ($127.39) Coupon Price

Current coupons for Cop Rose X5P Robot Window Cleaner! Warehouse is located in China. There’re no active coupons for this product, but the price is pretty low isn’t it?
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Coupons for Cop Rose X5P Robot Window Cleaner

There are no active coupons for this product right now!
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$127.39 – This is the best price ever noted in my database!
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Price: $127.39

Dispatch: Feb 26 – Feb 28
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– Package Contents: 1x Window Cleaner,
– 12x Cleaning Cloth,
– 2x Cleaning Ring,
– 1x Remote Control,
– 1x Power Adapter,
– 1x AC Connector,
– 1x DC Connector,
– 1x Safety Rope with Hook

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